Smart Toilet

smart toilet

Euroto Luxury Smart Toilet

smart toilet

6 level
water temperature

6 level
seat temperature

smart toilet

6 level
air temperature

smart toilet

Remote control

6 Level Seat Temperature

6 Level Warm Air Temperature

5 Level Water Volume

5 Position Spray Cleansing

smart toilet
smart toilet

Oscillate spray

Massaging wash ensure a thorough cleansing of the user; promote the blood flow and relieve constipation.

smart toilet

Self-cleaning nozzle

Cleanses before use, ensuring a sanitary wash.

smart toilet

Automatic flushing

Smart sensors, free your hands.

smart toilet

Auto lid open/close

The motion-activated lid on smart toilets automatically raises,The hands-free operation is cleaner with fewer germs to pick up or leave behind.

Quiet soft close lid

Quiet soft closing action on the seat and lid protects those little fingers from being pinched, enjoy the comfort.

smart toilet
smart toilet

Manual button

Euroto toilet is still operable in case of power outage

Nightlight funciton

Automatic LED night-light illuminates the bowl or added convenience in dark spaces

IPX4 water proof

No need to separate bathroom and eashroom

Instantaneous & Tankless
Water Heating

Limitless Warm Water

Energy Saving

Built-in filter

Filter algae, rust, parasites, silt and plankton.

High grade material

Durability, insulation, heat resistance, waterproof, anti-fading, easy to clean surface.

Air filter

Air filter keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean