2023 Newest Smart Toilet

Euroto's Luxury Smart Toilet will let you truly relax during all your bathroom visits.

Euroto Luxury Smart Toilet

Auto lid open/close

The motion-activated lid on smart toilets automatically raises,The hands-free operation is cleaner with fewer germs to pick up or leave behind.

Quiet soft close lid

Quiet soft closing action on the seat and lid protects those little fingers from being pinched, enjoy the comfort.

smart toilet

Mute Soft Close

Infrared Sensor

Foot infrared sensor (Designed for Men)

Blackout Flush

Reserve battery in case of power outage

Triple Memory functions

No need to separate bathroom and eashroom

Instantaneous & Tankless Water Heating

Limitless Warm Water

Energy Saving

Extendable Nozzle

  • Adjustable Nozzle position 5 levels of nozzle position can be adjusted

    The nozzle can move forward and backward to adjust the position

Automatic Flushing

Automatic Flush

  • Automatically flushes after leaving the seat

Half Flush

  • To save water and energy

Air filter

Air filter keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean