Euroto One-Piece Dual Flush Toilet with Integrated Bidet, Integrated Bidet and Toilet EUT3828

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  • Euroto’s Luxury Smart Toilet will let you truly relax during all your bathroom visits. Its clean and comfortable design features combine into a wonderful experience, and the sheer amount of features is more than most other products on the market. You’ll be greeted with self-lifting lids and parted with automatic flushes. Your seat can be warmed to a chosen temperature. A bidet nozzle with customizable pressure, temperature, and position will wash away every smudge. It’ll even give you cleansing massages, while a dryer can wrap things up at the end. Air filter keeps your bathroom smelling fresh and clean. The remote control pad is the source of activating most of these amazing choices. It’ll let you adjust things to your personal comfort level, and can give off alerts for when there are signs of malfunction. Few other toilets can compare to the vast wealth of convenience provided by this luxurious product.



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16 reviews for Euroto One-Piece Dual Flush Toilet with Integrated Bidet, Integrated Bidet and Toilet EUT3828

  1. L. Mark

    Put it this way – once you have seen Paris, there’s no going back to the farm.

    If you don’t like low toilets and prefer comfort height, this is the model you want.

    After using one of these toilets, you will never feel clean again when using an ordinary toilet. Prepare to be ruined for life.

  2. Tara

    We visited tons of stores and viewed all types of toilets including Kohler, Toto, etc. The similar thing of Kohler was $6,000+ and the ToTo was $5000. That’s why this model was so appealing…it was thousands less than the other models in the store and has all of the same features. I was skeptical but it was delivered in great condition and took our plumber an hour to install. Has very functional remote that mounts on the wall. Great purchase!

  3. Carlton

    YOU MAY NOT KNOW YOU NEED IT UNTIL YOU GET IT! Discovered the smart toilet on our first visit to Kyoto, Japan last year and my wife LOVED IT! So….we decided to buy one for our home. Great packaging and no damage in shipment. The toilet has worked flawlessly since plumber installed it and it is just as great as the $5,000 model that we had in our hotel room in Kyoto, Japan. My wife LOVES IT, and so do I. We highly recommend this Euroto. Well, we’ve used the Euroto for 2 months now and love it! It has worked flawlessly thus far and makes other toilets look and feel primitive. Don’t know we could live without it!

  4. Melissa Martin

    It’s expensive, but for some people it will be worth the price. It’s easy to make fun of, but if you’re open-minded, it just might make certain necessary activities a good deal more pleasant.


    Despite the low water use, it flushes reliably. I hear constant complaints from people who say that their 1.6 gallon toilet is really a 3.2 gallon toilet because they have to flush an average of twice. Even if you don’t care about saving water, you probably do care about having to hang around the stool for a bit after each use to see if you do have to flush again. Not with the Euroto–it flushes automatically, and I’ve never known it to leave anything behind in the bowl, even though it uses a gallon or less.

    The “bidet-like functions” are a little weird at first, but after a while they seem more and more necessary. Let’s not go into great detail here–this is a family review. But no, nothing you’re going to do in the ordinary course of things is going to cause it to spray water all over the bathroom.

    Even used as an ordinary toilet, it’s unusually comfortable. I find the “comfort” height just right. A heated toilet seat seemed a silly affectation, at first, but now I’m not so sure.

    It does a good job of keeping itself clean. I clean toilets once a week, and in the past I’ve felt a bit guilty about not doing it more often, as the toilets visibly need cleaning sooner than that. This beast keeps itself pretty darned clean, at least to the eye and the nose. You do need to unplug it while cleaning, however.


    A lot of people are put off by the very idea. I was originally going to order one for my guest bathroom also, but a friend warned me away from the idea. I’m glad, now, that I don’t have to offer a how-to-use briefing to any guest who needs the facilities. More adventurous souls are welcome to use my toilet.

    I had to disable the automatic opening and closing of the lid. It might work fine if you have the toilet isolated in it’s own little chamber, but if it’s in a bathroom with other attractions like a sink and a tub, the over-eager proximity sensor will have the lid flipping up and down while you’re doing other things.

  5. Temecca

    The joy of restroom usage. Self cleaning, and deodorize features are the most notable for me. Others may value something else, and although those are high on the list of appreciation by the family. For me this took the cake.

  6. Simon Jason

    Unfortunately, I do not own this luxury beast but I’ve had the pleasure of using it at a casino. Holy s**t you guys, this is a game changer. Imagine you walk into the bath room and you see this toilet with the lid closed. What does it do? It senses you and opens up automatically, welcoming you. It startles you, but you are pleasantly surprised and you start to sit down to do your business. Oho! What is this?? The seat is warm! Not like, really hot to where it is uncomfortable, but a nice warm sensation that relaxes you. The seat is not too wide or too narrow, just nice. It is absolutely heavenly, and things have only just begun.

    Now, depending on whether you are doing big business or small business, this thing has the tools to make you feel like a million bucks. There are different cleaning modes (yes, it even cleans you!) to make sure everything goes smoothly. You can control the different modes, the different pressure and the different temperature (mm, yes). I don’t think it replaces toilet paper but it serves to enhance the job of the toilet paper. What a time to be alive!

    I gave this 1 stars instead of 5 because I’m mad I have to go back to using regular toilets like a common peasant. I can’t shell out $3600 for a toilet right now.

  7. Sm

    Worth every penny I spend!

  8. David

    The 3828 is our second Euroto. The first was a 3628 with which we were delighted but the EUT3828 has really advanced the technology a long way. There are copycats out there but in my opinion no other manufacturer comes close in functionality and style. I’m about to order another 3828 and 2 more when our budget can tolerate the expenditure. Yes, they’re not cheap but it’s money well spent in my opinion. What does owning a toilet like this provide? In my experience, comfort and cleanliness features that you didn’t realize you’d need but very soon find you are unwilling to live without.
    As one approaches, the lid rises, the bowl is illuminated and the smooth bowl prevent adherence of any solids. The toilet height is the next feature you’ll notice. It’s comfortable and there are no more pins and needles when standing after sitting for some time. The warmed, well shaped seat has temperature adjustment from slightly warm to toasty in cold bathrooms for middle-of-the-night visits.
    Personal wash and dry functions are also adjustable and selections can be retained in memory for 3 users. Front and back washing functions are adjustable as to position and water pressure, and even offer pulsating and oscillation modes. Dryer temperature is adjustable as well and both washer and dryer self clean as they retract after use. Other reviewers have commented on the flush efficiency with low-volumes of water. They’re correct: one flush is sufficient. One of the best features in my opinion is the deodorizer. A sensor under the seat begins the exhaust fan as soon as someone sits. Air is passed through filters to remove odors. No need ever to switch the bathroom exhaust fan on when using your EUROTO!
    Euroto has thought of almost everything. The one improvement the designers could make is to add a white noise or rain shower noise generator that could be activated if desired.

  9. Johnson

    Frankly I was a little nervous about buying such an expensive item online, however everything went perfectly, the product works exactly as described, arrived within days, good communication. from seller, it comes as a very large package, but the delivery driver was kind enough to help unpack it so that it could be transported up to my apartment. Overall very satisfied. Needs professional installation, unless you are very handy.

  10. Johanna

    It’s amazing.. I don’t have a door in my bedroom bathroom, and this toilet is awesome with keeping the air pure

  11. Shannon

    When it came time to remodel my bathroom, I had tons of options, but, for my familys needs, I finally decided a toilet was the way to go, and I haven’t regretted the upgrade since. After personally testing out various makes and models, twice, I finally settled on this one for its reasonable price, and the way it cradled my delicate buttcheeks. Never in my life had I dreamed I’D be dropping deuces one day on such a dream machine!! I’m the envy of my neighborhood!! People stop by my house constantly saying they heard that I finally dropped three grand and stopped pooping into a hole…. and I can finally reply, “YUP! That’s me!” I wouldn’t trade it for the world, and today is all you can eat burrito night! 😉

  12. James E

    Everything about this toilet is amazing (except the price tag of course). It is so comfortable to sit on, every feature is amazing, and it is perfectly tunable. Highly recommend. I’m going to try the toilet seat for my guest bedrooms, and will have a better sense soon of whether the extra $$ is worth it.

  13. Taylor

    The toilet works good but they have a promotion discount after I bought it in a month…

  14. Katie W. John

    We’ve had this installed in our new bathroom for about 6 months.

    The thing is, we love this toilet. You walk towards the toilet, it opens, you sit down, do your business, rinse get yourself nice and clean, then you leave, the toilet closes and flushes itself. It sounds ridiculously extreme but I like it more than our big soaking tub, more than our walk in shower and about the same as our heated floors.

    I’ve been a fan of bidets for years. We wanted a bidet in our new bathroom but we didn’t want to give up the floor space for a bidet. We chose this smart toilet.

    The water volume is lower than a traditional bidet only fixture. The remote that moves the nozzle around works very well and you have control of the location and pressure of water to clean yourself. It takes some getting used to, but it works very well. I had some concerns about the moving parts, but no problems so far.

    I travel a fair amount, and I usually rate things based on how much I miss them while traveling. This is tied with our Sleep Number bed as things I miss the most when I’m gone.

    So, yes, I feel a bit “bougie” submitting this review. We bought it, we love it, and in our opinion we’d buy it again for our master bathroom.

  15. Dadk

    This toilet is amazing! It takes personal hygiene to a whole new level. Also has an energy saving feature that I like.

    It was easy to install once I had the electric installed and the water line moved. Check your measurements and make the preparations before you order! I found that my home builder had placed the water line right next to the conventional toilet not allowing me to install as is.

  16. Jon David

    I installed this toilet about 5 months ago it was the easiest install I’ve ever done the flush is quiet and strong enough to leave the bowl spotless. The features are great heat seat and hot water. I can not figure out how to work the auto open and close feature for the lid. And not sure how to set the preset option would love some in-site thanks

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